What is Correctica?

Correctica is a monthly service that scans your entire website for errors that grammar checkers often don't catch: misused homophones, idioms, articles, and more. We use the words surrounding a commonly misused word as clues to whether the word is being used properly.

Every month you will receive a complete report of the errors on your site. This report will cover all new pages you have added and, since we add new rules every day, will include new errors we find on the existing pages.

Get examples of errors currently on your website by inputting your site's URL into our free website demo.

Don't forget to bookmark our Proof It Free tool that scans your blog post, resume, LinkedIn or social media profile, term paper, or crazy rant against a portion of our error database.

How much does it cost?

We base the price for your initial all-inclusive cleanup on the size of your site (as measured by page count). We also offer you the option of signing up for a monthly scan service for an additional fee. This monthly service ensures you stay absolutely up-to-date by checking any new pages you publish along with a complete re-scan of your previous content with our constantly expanding rule-set.

Number of Pages Price Per Month
1-200 $9
201-1,000 $29
1,001-10,000 $49
10,001-50,000 $199
50,001-250,000 $399
250,001-1,000,000 $999
1,000,001+ $1999

What do you deliver to me?

We deliver a tab delimited text file with eight columns. It includes the URL and title of the page on which we found an error, the type of error it is, the incorrect text, and the correct text. You can spot-check for accuracy using the URL. When it comes to actually implementing the changes, most people do a global search and replace across all content on their sites.

How do you get all the URLs on my site?

One of three ways, generally. We can crawl your site, we can use the Google sitemap on your site, or you can supply us with a list of URLs.

How many errors will you find on my site?

Our experience is that errors go up as site size increases:

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no questions asked. Just send an email to referencing your site URL. That is all there is to it. If you would like to discuss alternatives to canceling your subscription completely, feel free to email us at